About Us

Learn more about our story, who we are and our approach to tackling the bottlenecks of the medical cannabis industry.

Our Mission

Creating the leading scientific hub on cannabinoid therapies, connecting research, trained healthcare professionals and patients.

Our Vision

To accelerate the understanding and adoption of cannabinoid therapies at clinical and academic levels around the world.

Our Team


Co-founder & CEO

Andrea Cristofoletto

Co-founder & COO


Chief Science Officer

Bijan Christoph Hezarkhani

Business Development

Our Science Committee

The science committee of Cannabiscientia, comprised of MD’s, veterinarians and associate professors at Medical Faculties of Universities across Europe, has spent the last decade focusing on medical cannabis education, including subjects such as the cannabis plant, the endocannabinoid system and the effective use of cannabinoid medicines in the treatment of various pathologies. Our scientific committee is a collection of healthcare professionals who posses both a passion for the cannabis plant, but practical experience in working with it.

Katarzyna Starowicz

Assoc. Prof. of Pharmacology


Institute of Pharmacology Polish Academy of Sciences


Krakow, Poland

Luigi Bellocchio


French Institute of Health and Medical Research, Neurocentre Magendie


Bordeaux, France

Raquel Abaladao

Professor of Pharmacology

Professor of Pharmacology, University Rey Juan Carlos; Functional Coordinator of the Area of Pharmacology and Nutrition and Bromatology

Madrid, Spain

Livio Luongo

Assoc. Prof. of Pharmacology

Department of Experimental Medicine, Division of Pharmacology, University of Campania

Naples, Italy

Marco Ternelli


Farmacia Ternell


Bibbiano, Italy

Mikael Sodergren

MBChC (Hons), DIC, PhD, FRCS

Managing Director & Academic Lead, Sapphire Medical Clinics UK


London, UK

Janosch Kratz


Medical Director Europe, Khiron Life Sciences; Board Member, Zerenia Clinics UK

Berlin, Germany

Javier Fernández-Ruiz


Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Medicine

Madrid, Spain

Ines Reynoso Moreno


Universität Bern, Doctor in Biomedical Sciences

Bern, Switzerland

Adán de Salas Quiroga


Neuroscientist & medical cannabis researcher 

Madrid, Spain