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Medical Cannabis Education
Scientific. Practical.

Increasing patient access to medical cannabis
through the education of physicians worldwide.

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Commercial Support
Empowering Physicians

Comprehensive & locally tailored training of prescribers including clinical guidelines for relevant pathologies.

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New Markets
Enabling Change

Harnessing the power of education to support regulatory developments and equip stakeholders with know-how.

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Principles of Clinical Cannabinology Handbook

This publication, co-authored by Cannabiscientia SA and Prohibition Partners, is intended to be of support to the European healthcare professional, and all those interested in understanding the medical use of cannabis in Europe, merging in one single textbook a comprehensive overview of the science, regulations, medicine and products on the market.

Topics covered include the physiology of the endocannabinoid system, the pharmacology of cannabis and its clinical relevance for a number of pathologies. The Handbook also includes case studies and practical evidence of experienced prescribers around the globe that can serve as a guiding support in the obstacles of translating theory to practical applications.

This Handbook will guide the readers through the different laws regulating medical cannabis in 11 European Countries, from Belgium to the United Kingdom, and the different products available, requirements for the prescribers and the pharmacists, route for the patients to access therapy, and the availability of reimbursed medication.

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Principles of Clinical Cannabinology: A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Cannabis in Europe

Preaching to the converted does not drive adoption. Our aim is to educate all healthcare professionals curious about the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis.

Viola Brugnatelli — Co-founder & CEO

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Principles of Clinical Cannabinology:
A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Cannabis in Europe

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Cannabiscientia offers a range of science-focused services based on education. Our services aim to boost your commercial efforts by drive healthcare professionals’ adoption of medical cannabis with a focus on the European market.

HCP Seminars

Develop lasting relationships based on trust through the effective education of your physicians.

Scientific Research

A proven and effective resource both for your staff as well as your physicians and pharmacists.

Professional Training

Give your sales and marketing teams a competitive advantage by equipping them for success.

Commercial Strategy

Place your products successfully and develop sales and marketing efforts based on education.

Regulatory Support

Providing relevant data and early education of key stakeholders for effective medical cannabis legislation.

Marketing & Comms

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and our industry expertise to develop quality resources.

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