Our Partners

Strong partnerships are the cornerstone of fostering adoption and market development as a collective.


Cannabiscienza is the leading Italian platform dedicated to providing comprehensive information, education, and resources related to medical cannabis toward healthcare professionals and patients. 
It provides e-learning CME content, clinical internships for MDs and marketing services for private clinics looking for acquiring new patients. 

Somaí Pharmaceuticals

Somai Pharmaceuticals is a European biotech company specialising in the development and manufacture of cannabinoid based, pharmaceutical products. Somai is leading an innovative approach to European and global medical cannabis markets through the creation of a large range of plant-derived medical cannabis formulations.
Its mission is to provide doctors with a broad spectrum of products with the intention of becoming a dominant brand for use by doctors and patients in its relevant markets.
Cannabiscientia has an on going collaboration with Somai for educational activities towards HCPs.

Università di Padova

University of Padua is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Italy. Established in 1222, it has a rich history of academic excellence, innovation, and research. With regards to cannabis, it’s dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and understanding of cannabinoids, their effects, and their potential applications.
Cannabiscientia has an on going collaboration with University of Padua for research activities and educational program, including the 1st European Master on Medical Cannabis.

Prohibition Partners

Prohibition Partners is a leading global intelligence and strategic consultancy firm specializing in the cannabis industry. It serves as a comprehensive platform for professionals, investors, policymakers, and entrepreneurs seeking in-depth insights, market analysis, and strategic guidance in the rapidly evolving cannabis market.
Cannabiscientia has an on going collaboration with Prohibition Partners for the legislatives aspects of the handbook “Principles of Clinical Cannabinology.”